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    Crescendo: world’s first truly personal adult toy.

    New British pleasure products brand, MysteryVibe, launches its debut product that promises the ultimate personalized pleasure experience.

    Brand new British pleasure products brand, MysteryVibe has launched its debut product in the form of a revolutionary new vibrator, 'Crescendo'. The sex toy, which launched at TechCrunch Disrupt NY in May, took 5 years of meticulous research and design to create. It is unlike anything else available on the market. While most products offer a one-size-fits-all model, 'Crescendo' is built to flex and form to the user's body and will offer an unlimited array of customised vibrations through its smartphone app for a truly personal experience.

    With its advanced technology and stunning design, Crescendo provides users with numerous features never seen before in an adult toy:

    - Fully bendable form factor

    Crescendo is beautifully seamless and can be bent into countless exciting shapes – 'I', 'C', 'S' or anything in-between. It can be bent and re-bent innumerable times without losing its shape and hardness so you can make it conform to your body and every desire.

    Crescendo comes with six powerful yet quiet motors that can be individually programmed through the app. The app uses a 'music-mixer style' interface to enable users to individually set the vibration patterns for each of the 6 motors. Through this app, users can download or create their own vibrations and transfer them wirelessly to Crescendo.

    'Crescendo' comes with its very own induction charger that can also be used to charge many modern smartphones. Having no need for ports, holes or exposed parts means that 'Crescendo' is completely waterproof and can be enjoyed in the bath or shower. The high-capacity battery has been designed to run the toy at full intensity for 2 hours and last for at least 4,000 hours.

    MysteryVibe CEO, Soumyadip Rakshit said, "We are really thrilled to launch 'Crescendo' after all these years of pleasure-staking research and development. We wanted to make Crescendo as personalizable as possible, in order to make it the world's first truly adaptable sex toy. Crescendo also comes with its very own beautiful music-mixer style smartphone app, so you can literally feel the music.

    At MysteryVibe, we know that one size does not fit all. When it comes to pleasure we genuinely want to empower people to take control of their own experiences. We're passionate about our vision and want to use the latest in technological innovations to create next-generation adult toys that offer a completely adaptable sensual experience. Our British roots have helped us maintain the highest level of quality and we are really excited to be manufacturing in the. Through this we hope to give back to the very community who have helped us get to where we are today."

    Join the sexual revolution and explore new levels of personal pleasure with 'Crescendo'

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