• NEW! Blewit Male Masturbator

    £79.00 £72.00

    Develop pro performance solo to control length and intensity of sex with your lover. Blewit's discreet pleasure and performance masturbator is densely lined with sensitive skin-soft bobbles for maximum stimulation and stamina gains when training.

    Choose between the tight or extra-tight entry rings and tailor the level of suction to suit your session. Gripping the non-slip case in either hand, build up to extended stretches on the higher intensities, then focus on developing core techniques for extending your last power that you can transfer to sessions with your lover.

    Once finished, simply rinse through and leave your Blewit to air dry through its ventilation holes.

    Ensure you savour each stroke by lubing up with a good squeeze of water-based lubricant before and during use.

    Key Features:
    • Blewit male masturbator for pleasure and stamina building
    • Soft textured lining simulates intercourse for an effective training ground
    • 2 interchangeable entry rings - choose between tight or extra-tight
    • Ventilated unit allows for discreet in-case drying and powdering
    • Suction cap top for precision manual control of internal pressure                                  


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    VAT Registration number: - GB289357250