• (NEW) Lower body insert EX Lite EX Pro Larger models


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    EXDOLL - Jade pot of the latest models of lower body equipment for EX-Lite EX-Pro, and all other larger body products.

    Softest silicone and expandable elasticity, high quality and real feel natural design insert. 

    Both the internal and external shape have been upgraded.

    Made of soft Medical Grade silicone, with Health and Safety in Mind and with no Odor.
    The Materials have been upgraded to provide extra stretching capability and durability.
    A plumper External appearance with formed labia.
    Feather-like Soft Touch, real-feel.
    The Internal Structure has been upgraded for a more vivid and real-feel stimulation. Internal protrusions have been added in a winding effect to give more of a sucking sensation.
    The new Insert fits all sizes and series of dolls.
    Please use lubricant for optimum effect.

    DS Dolls truly renowned for the realism of their inserts.

    Item will be shipped free. When purchased in conjunction with any DS Doll models & EX Lite models.

    If purchased separately - Shipping would apply.
    Contact us at support@cloudclimax.com for a shipping price for an Insert only purchase.